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Our History

Started long back in 1955 by its founder Mr. Shaikh Haji Abdul Majeed after that Haji Hafeezuddin took the firm to the next level of success, Now Hard work of Haji Abdul Latif Qureshi and his son Haji Atif Qureshi made Al-Atif Food Processing Pvt. Ltd one of the leading merchant supplier of frozen buffello meat and meat products etc. all over the country and abroad. Managing Director of the company Mr. Haji Abdul Latif Qureshi with a great sense of business thoughtfulness and acumen became a phenomenal achiever. It is because of his daring attitude and exceptional industry related experience that brought the latest technology of this field in India which opened new vistas for diversified options. The products of the company are best known for its high precision, efficiency and superb quality.

In the leadership of Haji Abdul Latif the visionary M.D. and the key person behind the Al-atif group. Haji Abdul Latif is philanthropist involved in development of educational, health care and other social activities. Under his flagship and motivation the organization is growing and emerged as a leader in this competitive ageā€¦

Al-Atif Food Processing Pvt. Ltd is managed by the professionals who are highly efficient, motivated and leave not a single stone unturned, either it be selection of livestock, maintenance of hygienic conditions, packaging or delivery of processed meat.

Halal Meat Translated from Arabic, Halal literally means lawful or permitted. Halal does not just apply to food however, as it applies to a persons behaviors, habits, and things they consume. In reference to food, Halal rules extend back to how animals were treated in their life. Was it fed and given adequate water? Was it well rested? Was it properly handled? To be truly Halal, there are also restrictions on how the animal must be slaughtered and what blessings are to be read over it as it is slaughtered. Here at Al-Saqib Exports, we take pride in our humane treatment and respect for all of the animals we slaughter. After all, it is not ours, but a gift from the Almighty.